Thomas Howard

Resolving Conflicts, Finding Solutions

From Criminal Defense to Business Law

“I provide a highly personalized approach with clients. You have to have a lawyer who really cares about your problem to help you find a solution.” – Thomas Howard


At the Law Office of Thomas Howard, we believe that people facing legal issues deserve a lawyer who really cares about your problem and works diligently to help you find a solution. To that end, we provide personalized and experienced representation to clients facing a number of issues in Park City, Utah, and the surrounding area, from criminal defense to business law, wills, trusts, and DUI.


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The Personal Attention You Deserve

Thomas Howard is a civil trial and criminal defense attorney who brings extensive life experiences to his legal practice:


  • As a special agent with the FBI, he gained expertise in investigatory techniques and law enforcement, which aids him in providing excellent criminal defense services today.
  • His 10 years of experience as an educator teaching English at the University of Arizona and in community education helped him to refine communication skills, which he now uses with clients, colleagues, judges and jurors.
  • He developed mediation techniques during his 10-year career in the aerospace industry, where he was a professional negotiator on multi-million dollar government contracts.
  • As staff counsel for the Traveler’s Insurance company, he honed his litigation skills and gained an inside knowledge of the insurance industry.

We understand that your legal issues are completely unique, so we tailor our representation directly to your individual needs. Whether you are struggling through a divorce, have been charged with a DUI or want to plan for your family’s financial future, our passionate service takes your specific needs into account.


Contact our office for the dedicated and passionate representation you and your family deserve:  (435) 513-2565


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