• “I can think of no greater compliment than those of your opponents. I have spoken of you in similar terms to many of my colleagues and wish all of my opposing parties had you or someone just like you to deal with. When you could have been angry you were calm. When you could have attacked you were reserved. You have the intelligence, experience and savvy to know when you have made your case and when it is of no benefit to pile on. I will always remember you as being a true professional and an excellent advocate.”
  • “Thank you very much for all you have done for me. You helped me through the most difficult period of my life. I very much appreciated your professional counseling as well as your legal expertise.”
  • “A personal note to thank you for your kindness at this most confusing time of change and loss for me. Each day I have to re-create myself in response to new feelings. Some days I feel paralyzed, on others, I feel in control, then back to doubt. I can’t imagine where I’ll land. Where peace will be. My biggest fear – am I doing the right thing? My greatest peace is you being there to protect my children. Thank you for caring and for your excellence!”
  • “Wow what a terrific team the two of you are! It was my lucky day when I met you in the Rock “N” Hollywood Gallery in Las Vegas. I was so hesitant to come into your office here in Park City to, “run up Attorney’s fees” (ha ha) I didn’t think that it would be possible to recover money owed to me. Not only did I recover the money, but I feel that the two of you took a down and out woman, who had lost all her confidence in herself, the system and restored my faith in Attorneys? Or the System? I guess everything. This recovered money will help me so much to get on with life and my goals for my children and myself. Tom I think you are the greatest Attorney there is, and Sylvia, thank you for your professionalism and kindness. I will be using your team for all future endeavors.”
  • “Thanks for all your effort and hard work with our case, and for putting up with me, the ever-persistent hound! The results are evident. We are a great team. We appreciate you both!”
  • “Thank you very much for handling the sale of the land. You were a pleasure to work with, and I definitely appreciate the way you kept me posted on all developments. I am glad Bill recommended you, and I am even gladder that I had the good sense to hire you. I wish you and Sylvia all the best and hope that we can do business again in the future. Thank you again for your professionalism and thoroughness.”
  • “Tom, I just wanted to say that I appreciated your preparation for the mediation of this case. I know that this is a case that you picked up which had a long history before you got involved in the case, and it was really good to see all of the detailed preparation you obviously put into your file review before coming to the mediation. In fact, I thought it really pointed out at mediation how weak the plaintiff attorney’s case was and it was clear that the codefendant’s attorney had not prepared anywhere near as thoroughly and did not know his file as well as he should have, to our advantage. Thanks again for your assistance on this one.”